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Bionic Reading.

With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability.

Naturally focused reading.

Bionic Reading wants to revolutionize reading. Our mission is: “A higher dimension of reading.” The eye is guided through text much more effectively with the aid of typographic highlights – thus creating a completely new reading experience. The Bionic Reading reading system is characterized by a specific interaction of the parameters “Fixation” and “Saccade”. More focus. Less distraction. More reading pleasure.

Why Bionic Reading.

Best Effectiveness. 
Concentrate on the essential. We create a virtual space of tranquility for you, so that you can take in texts in a focused way. 

Biggest Performance. 
Increase your efficiency and devote yourself to the transmission of messages. Your insight and knowledge should promote and reveal the unknown and the previously hidden. 

Highest Quality. 
Our purpose is to reduce distraction. Clear, reduced and straightforward information intake. The typography and reading mode increase your methodical stringency. 

More Passion. 
Individualize reading settings 
Read in focus 
Noise-free reading 
Reading without distraction 
Increase reading flow 
Absorb content stringently 
Expand knowledge 
Share content

How Bionic Reading works.

Historical Facts. 
For an active participation of our society reading and text comprehension is indispensable. In order to understand how Bionic Reading works, we need to understand how reading basically works. 
Researchers Just and Carpenter have already demonstrated the most important processes and structures in a text comprehension model in 1980. Historical scientific eye movement research has existed since 1905 (E. Javal. The Physiology of Reading and Writing). Here it is described that the horizontal movements of the eyes are not continuous, but occur in a jerky form.

Scientific Definition. 
When a part of a word is fixed, the so-called fixation, the information is passed on to our brain so that we can compare our long-term memory with the existing representation products. 
The jerky phase between the individual fixations is called saccade. During the saccade, we are unable to absorb read information and pass it on to our memory.

What Bionic Reading is.

Experience Reading. 
Bionic Reading is a reading system that supports the reading flow. The eye is guided much more effectively through the text by means of typographic markups. Through the interaction of “fixation” and “saccade”, visual stimuli can be transferred to the text, which decisively changes the typeface. 
The Bionic Reading reading mode can be individually adapted to the needs of each reader. Due to this flexibility, Bionic Reading allows maximum customization for every type of user.

Undivided Attention. 
Bionic Reading aims to play a supporting role in the information intake of set texts. We also see technological progress as an opportunity for all those who want to increase the desire to read in a loud and hectic world in a focused manner and without distraction. 
We are constantly improving the product and recognize a multitude of optimizations within the areas of reading and text comprehension. Our expertise in typography and technology enables Bionic Reading to drive further user-specific improvements. 
Bionic Reading aims to revolutionize reading. Our mission is: “A higher dimension of reading.”

Typography. Design. Switzerland.

Renato Casutt is a trained Swiss typographer and typographic designer and comes from a family of printers that is now in its third generation. Already as a small child he was fascinated by typography, design and the clear language of forms – the different fonts with their types. Through Bionic Reading he wants to express the joy of inspiring texts.