It's free!
It's free!


With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability.

Bionic Reading wants to revolutionize reading. Our mission is: “A higher dimension of reading.” The eye is guided through text much more effectively with the aid of typographic highlights – thus creating a completely new reading experience. The Bionic Reading reading system is characterized by a specific interaction of the parameters “Fixation” and “Saccade”. More focus. Less distraction. More reading pleasure.


When a part of a word is fixed, the so-called fixation, the information is passed on to our brain so that we can compare our long-term memory with the existing representation products.
The jerky phase between the individual fixations is called saccade. During the saccade, we are unable to absorb read information and pass it on to our memory.


Bionic Reading is a reading system that supports the reading flow. The eye is guided much more effectively through the text by means of typographic markups. Through the interaction of “fixation” and “saccade”, visual stimuli can be transferred to the text, which decisively changes the typeface.
The Bionic Reading reading mode can be individually adapted to the needs of each reader. Due to this flexibility, Bionic Reading allows maximum customization for every type of user.